QR-Code technology

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Printed codes

As you know with the latest smartphone you can easely and automatic codes. Only by starting / opening your camera of the smartphone the data of, for example, a qrcode is read automatically and opens several opportunities.

For example; the QR code can trigger a online video url, A payment option can be automatic started, A complete name address phonenumber, and email address can be implemented on the smartphone of your contact from a printed businesscard with QR code (Vcard). Imagine this in seconds: all data and no failure!

So depending on your printed item you can always add a qrcode to the communication. The code can help the user to optain the information needed for the product or contact. An ideal way to connect with your clients and businesspartners.
We have a special service for you as a company. We design your qrcode with your logo in the QR code visual. It looks nice and professional. Try the examples in this post to see some of the posibilities in action.


Always a next step? Yes! In the near future we expect the use of NFC Near Field Communication. This technology is already on your smartphone available. Used in payment environment. The NFC chip can be programmed. Can be read automatically. Together with print and NFC you can track and trace easely.

Scan the QR-codes for an example

URL example

Whatsapp example

Email example

V-card example