Branding print solutions at Rods & Cones

A very important part of branding is the use of the Brandname depending how you want to communicate your brand. So for example your brand can be used on packaging and the the products you manufacture directly. So for example an Apple IPhone is branded on the product and in a high end printed packing box with several printed items made complete: like printed booklets and a manual.

For your (head)office or stores the use of the brand is very important and impactful. On the building and insite the building different use of the brandname. You can reinforce your brandname using the latest printing technology. For example three dementia letters printed in your brandcolors. This can be used indoor and outdoor. An other item is printed flags, printed plates of Dibond or printed brushed aluminum plates.

An other easy to install option is a metal frame made in custom sizes, actually any size. In this frame you mount printed fabric. The fabric is due to the material very colourfull and more colourfull as on paper. This has to do with the printed fibers in the fabric and as a result deep and vivid colours wich are being printed. These frames can be made with led light. Ledframes are being used mainly in point of sale areas like A-brand shops or showrooms of mainly A-brands and ofcourse in big buildings like airports and railway stations . The use of frames with big colorfull prints in a building is inspiring for example at the intrance of the building. The office area for employees a nice big visual can be very nice to look at. Also in the waiting room, coffee corner, company restaurant you can change the room in an experience! We can help you creating the right vipe for you and your brand.

In this video you see how the three dimensional brand is mounted on the wall. Excact the size fitting the brand communication and matching the wall. Together with you as our client we make samples and we have colour samples of all the materials being used. In the picture you see the end result of printed 3D letters custom made. A powerful communication of the brand. All new employees take pictures once starting before these nice printed logo.