8-colour printing press with 700 x 1000 mm format

In this video you can see 2 large-format printing presses of 70 x 100 cm printing format and another 5-colour machine. The highest quality printing is achieved by using special printing grids. Printed matter consists of printing points that are transferred to the paper by printing plates. The 4 colours (CMYK) are superimposed to create an FC (full colour) print. With an 8-colour press, you print 4 colours on one side and 4 colours on the other side in a single pass. All 8-colour machines in the market are “state of the art” for quality speed and very consistent. As soon as you want to produce very high-quality printed matter you use this type of printing press and then the raster dots are applied to the paper in a different way. This is called stochastic screen or printing screen. Another name is FM raster. The screen dots are generated with special software and plate-making machines. The result is photo realistic printing. Or high-end print productions. Would you like to know more about this? Then get in touch with us.

Colour samples in print productions. As soon as your printing needs to be the same as your products. (for producers of floors, walls, fabrics, sheets, paint, coatings and other colour samples).

Deliver within 24 hours? Can it be done on large format 70 x 100 cm. In 8 colours? Is that possible? Yes!

Once you print in large format, you can create many different products. Such as (photo) books, brochures, leaflets, flyers and so on. This is common for such a printing format and only a few printing companies can produce this. Whether through an online ordering system or not (internet printing).

Sample cards are mainly produced on these printing presses in the video. Very specialised printing. By sample cards we mean: paint samples (often in a fan or booklet or a loose sample card ) for the paint industry, fabric samples, wood reproductions, carpet samples, specific (beer) labels and so on.

Once you produce high-quality printed matter, you can also print photo books and very precise house style colours: orange, for example, or a special PMS colour. You see: plenty to do in “sample” printing and special printing. #specialprinting #housestyle #steelcards #steelprinting #delivered within 24 hours #duststeelprinting #woodreproduction #paintsteelprinting #photobooks